np + sycophants all over *teh internets* plus 2000 zillion redirect thirdparty site bull

Front Line Assembly –
man is so wish that rateyourmusic wasnt so
“geez im a retarded sycophant noob and now ive
brownnosed my way enough to receive the Admin
privilegies on this site, lets go mess around with the
oldest members just for fun!”-infested as it is,
next to the community,
the is the absolutely worst,
fuck em and fuck em both, all these sycophants
totally suck, and its sad the original makers-creators of
these 2 sites doesnt realise what their sites
has sunk into :I
Well the doom3world site is run by a total
retard called “BNA!”, a german and a complete fascist
and brownnose-lover (kiss his ass and become an admin
instantly), such pathetic cretins and their sycophants

man im so effin tired of all these retarded thirdparty scripted
sites, there isnt even one bloghost (well except for this one(
who doesnt try to redirect you to whatever gay
crappy site when one tries to comment on sites etc,
i wrote a comment on Kenneths site ( of course,
go0gleinfested homo site) and it tried to send me to whatever
site when i pressed “send”, this really is getting out of

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