One of the Mummy films is on the telly,
and much to my own surprise, i do like those
3 (isnt it 3 by now?) Mummy films,
they kinda took over once Indy Jones started to
suck, the lastest Indy Jones is prob one of the
most lousy films in its genre i ever seen,
and now theyre working on yet another,
Harrison Ford is how old now, 68-69? Ummmmm
isnt that a trifle uber pathetic that a guy that old
is beating up fit 25yearolds? Its too unbelievable
mr spielberg,go do some new hyped series about ww2
or something (Pacific is the most overrated ww2
series, or film for that matter, ever, total bs,
Band of Brothers was much better and interesting,
altho there was some huge logic flaws in it
and some historical errors in it but at least it was
interesting) and let younger, more ablebodied men
take over
Drinking some new wine now,
from Australia of all places lol ^^
Cawarra, fairly taste as that Santa Helena
wine i drank some weeks back, that one was
from Chile, and no i havent given up on my whisky drinking,
its just that its too expensive to buy in this dumb country
(with its dumb plebs, fancy voting for reinefeldt TWICE,
that says everything about the lowiq cretins plebs
in this country, amazingly we didnt learn from the
semifascistic juntas of reagan, bush sr and bush jr,
not to mention the mother of all semifascist juntas
aka thatcher, she herself make the aforementioned
guys look like sunday school teachers,
noone has ever made the rich richer and the poor
poorer like she did ever before, retarded asslixin
toffynosed inbred Tory morons,
hmmm i dont rem who said the following
or if its something i once made up, but isnt it true that
“Democracy is wasted on the people?”
WHY do people willingly vote for people thats clearly
NOT intend to make their lives better, then?
Can someone explain that, can someone explain why
a working man, a labourer, would ever vote for
the rightwing? It makes NO sense,
the working people were nothing but slaves
all through our history, used/abused by factory owners
who fought each and every change to better conditions
for the workers in every instance, noone ever handed us
better conditions and better pay and less working hours etc,
are the sons and daughters of workers in this country
THAT ignorant? Yes, apparently, since reinfeldt
and his retarded rightwing “alliance” was voted
twice, that could never happen unless voters
changed their vote from left to rightwing

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