is it done loading yet then?

aah yes, it is, from the moment i press the “login” button
until i have navigated my way to THIS page where i am
atm (about 14 clicks, not very optimized in other
words) i could have done one of the following –
a-gone to lav and had a “yanketyplank session”,
b-leaned back in sofa and getting 40 winks,
c-searched for another bloghost,
in this case, its the C option, found something very
interesting in HUBPAGES, but, as it turns out,
its a site thats, in their terms, “works in conjunction with
google”, so screw that, google = internet abusers
10 reason google sucks horse genitalia

SpottiTotti lost :-)

his bullshite team Roma proved, yet again,
that English football is superior to that
of italian, when the Spurs defeated Roma 3 0
the other day, the problem with italian teams are,
of course, theyre all individual superstars
(in their own mind, that is) and cannot conform into
one, coherent “fighting force”, and since football
is a TEAM-GAME, a team of many indivudally great footballers
(which SpottiTotti isnt btw) cannot match any team that
plays as ONE, italy does have many indivudally great footballers
and IF they could play as ONE, theyd win the Euros prob
every time, but since there isnt any coach in the world
that ever could make them play as ONE, they can only win anything
when theyre opposing a team with problems (cough France cough)


i wrote a lenghty piece and then
wordpress fuckedup…. ty noobs

Just in – Swedish fragmentation grenades can hurt EVERYBODY!

who knew huh, that Swedish grenades that we have made
and exported to various countries actually CAN kill
just about anybody, thats the reason why the morons
at Svenska Freds- och Skiljedoms-föreningen criticizes
it, they say something like “its immoral to export a weapon
that can kill civilians”…! Ummm how blueyed are these
people (no doubt theyre all driedup 55yearold women),
dear god all mighty. a grenade that KILLS people
indiscretely, who knew a frag grenade could do that,
how naughty of itself, retards, its a grenade not a neutronbomb fffs,
but IF someone uses that grenade willfully against civilians,
isnt that THAT individuals responsibility then?
I dont know much about this new grenade other than that
it holds cas 1000 small arrows in itself, which
goes in all directions as the fuse runs out and explodes
the grenade, much like all modern grenades,
but it IS a grenade and not the BFG9000 from the DooM
games, the core of the grenade does not contain a microchip that
can distinguish between military personell and civilians,
but as said, its only a frag grenade and not Armageddon itself …
Dont these old women have anything better to do?

to f.e.a.r. or not to f.e.a.r, that is the question

been thinking of getting a new game,
altho newer than like 2007 isnt a viable option
for my somwhat elderly puter, i updated everything
but the cpu one cant update, so thats my achilles heel
(mmm stiletto heels is h0tt, should be some laws that stipulate
that ALL sexy chicks should wear them :P) and theres no
way around it, but the game F.e.a.r is from 2005
and i can easily play it, but theres one possible drawback,
its, alas, a Steam game and you all know how i loathe and
despise the whole Steam project on a fundamental level
and thus i will never ever have that abomination
on MY computer, i absolutely abhor it ,
however i have played halflife 2 and thats another Steam game
one *cannot* play without Steam account, but somehow
i did play it, draw your own conclusions,
so if one *cannot* play F.e.a.r without Steam, I guess i have
to look deeper into the matter at hand …

NP – 2 albums that easily beats Kent,
most overrated band in Swedish history,
not that i dont like Kent, theyre just so immensly and retardadly
overrated, the 2 albums are
Broder Daniel – “Forever” and
Yvonne “Debut”, and just for fun /read sentimental reasons)
i also play Whale’s “Hobo Humpin Slobo babe” at a ridicolously
high level, always wondered exactly what a Hobo humpin slobo babe
is, im assuming its not something one should tell a girl to her
face haha ^^

I have also pondered on turning my blog into
a stronghold against google, THE nr 1 enemy of the
internets freedom, im sick and tired in hearing “google is your friend”
when its uberclear its not, i wouldnt say that google is evil,
but their agenda certainly is, basically its as uberlame as the
oldtime routine of CONTROL and maintaining a status quo,
kinda same or pretty much identical plan of Microsoft and other
huge corporation industries, they dont want innovation and
novel ideas or creative thinking, for obvious reasons,
venturing out on such things may result in a loss of money
for them (the shareholders, which truly owns the world),
imagine the computer we would have had by now hadnt it
been for Microsoft! Bill gate$$$ and his bloated company has
acted as one huge blockage to NEW IDEAS,
the unofficial motto of each and every corporate company
is “nothing ventured, nothing lost”, another clear case of such praxis
is the oil industry and the combustion engine, whos pushing the
150 year mark by now, its uberpathetic were still driving petrolfueled
cars, and why? The oil magnats of Saudiarabia BUYS UP every
new idea/concept of a car running on something other than
petrol, pretty much the same idea behind Microsoft,
they also buyup everything that they consider a threat,
so THANK GOD for OPENSOURCE solutions ! 😀
“But google cost nothing, its free!”? LMAO to that retarded opinion,
if its totally free, HOW come then its a corporate business
in it for the money, then? And how come theyre worth
$153.4 billion (the figure i could find, from 2009) if it
truly is FREE? You seriously think theyre goodhearted
people, concerned with the wellbeing of you and me?
Geez how dumb and blueeyed can one be…
Read THIS –
and ponder how “considerate” go0gle truly is,
google is a profitmaking company that we all should BOYCOTT!
Lets see, the basic stuff everyone should do to block their snooping shit
is simple,
step one, locate your HOSTS file (for Windows obviously),
in XP its “Windows/System32/Drivers/ETC, now open it up
with wordpad.exe or notepad.exe, it should have
“ localhost” only (unless youve messed with it),
now what to do is to ADD a couple of lines –
“” (you can copy n paste it
str8 into the HOSTS file but DONT copy the ” signs,
now every request by any website (and thats pretty much
ALL of them, even sites that says one should do this lol),
to the snooping and privacyintrusive google scripts/site
will be redirected to YOUR OWN puter, and since you dont have
that script (or site) on your puter, it will totally neutralize and castrate
the superfluos google-analytics script 😀

one of the last 40s hot chicks has died

aka Jane Russel, she was 89 when she
passed away the other day, I always had a thingie
for those “pinup” 40s starlets, Jane Russell, Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake,
Ava Gardner, Lana Turner, Marilyn (altho i prefer her pre-blonde,
those pics of her posing as a reddish brunette is spectaculary sexy imo)
etc, back then the girls of Hollywood all had “something unique”,
whereas today they have plastic bodies, plastic empty eyes and
some form of drug addiction :I Theree def IS something highly wrong
when a nobrainer such as Paris Hilton has fanclubs …

Been 25 years almost to the day since Olof palme
was gunned down, i can still rem my sister waking me up
that morning telling me that “palme has been shot!”,
couldnt believe it, he was a controversial character
with many enemies but he was also extraordinary in the sense
he was a politician with integrity, politicians usually are
selfserving greedy dickheads, but Palme was different,
and its pathetic beyond belief they havent caught the
killer yet, no Christer Pettersson, the alcoholic loser and
general tosser did not shoot him, he was a drug user ffs,
i doubt he could even shoot himself in the foot with that
.357 Magnum revolver,
let alone a walking, moving target …
So no, he didnt do it, wonder who did hmmm
Speaking of revovlers, theres only ONE true KING –
the Smith and Wesson model 29 , which is the same one
as I have too hehe 🙂 But no “lightweight special” ammo for me :p