retarded psx games

both by Eidos –
Resident evil 3 – Nemesis, and
Dino Crisis 2,
the sad thing is that with some changes theyd prob
both be awesome games, i dont have the energy to
describe them in any detail, Scroogle (NOT google)
them, basically theyre very similar in style and looks,
and theyre both completely ruined by their immensly
retarded viewing system, basically theres a couple
of various ways to play games, one if the First Person
Shooter or FPS (,
which is my fave, its foremost realistic, logic, basic, simple
and superior to any other viewing angle,
most Shooters has it, Doom, Quake, Halflife, Counterstrike
etc etc, then theres the Third person view (or “Lara croft view”),
not really my scene but its playable (mostly),
and then theres the “survival horror” genre that
Resident evil started, which is pretty much the opposite of
the FPS games, instead of actually seeing what the player sees
theres fixed camera angles which are all preset,
whenever one enters “room 13” the camera angle will ALWAYS
be identical every time, and mostly its from high in the room
zoomed in, which simply means its like watching a film,
and it also means you have no idea whats in the room
cuss you cant see anything else other than yourself
and the door, some people love that, others dont,
the player has to move to a certain area of the room to change the
cameraangle, mostly its a 180 degreee turn ie all of a sudden
you see the left corner of the room with the players character
standing somewhere in the middle of it, and first now can the
player see if theres any enemies in the room, unless of course
its a big big room with the enemies even farther away,
and if then theres an enemy in view he/she/it will attack you,
so what do you do then? Yup you try to shoot it, but wait
HOW can one view when the camera angles isnt
the players view then?? And there we hit the main point
these angles sucks, you cant aim, either you turn on
autoaim (which by default is lamedom but needed in these
kinda games) or simply try to shoot in the general
area of the enemy, hoping some lead will hit him.
but if ones using autoaim and theres more than ONE
enemy on the screen, then what? Then the autoaim will
target the nearest enemy, usually there is a key to press
to change the autoaim target, ummmmm do you begin to see the
lamedom of such games yet ? And even more lame is the fact
that whenever theres a camera angle switch, theres always
a 3-4 sec hickup, and imagine that plus trying to
figur eout where the hell the enemy is with the camera angles totally
changing in mid-action …
This means that you dont only have to combat whatever
enemy there is in the game, you have to combat the
actual game itself, which makes the actual game in q
way harder, in the totally wrong way, than it has to be,
i do like hard, tough games thats nearly impossible to play
BUT not cuss one has to fight the game itself ffffs,
and thats why the Resident evil games plus
Dino Crisis 2 (i havent played Dino crisis 1 but im assuming
its the same) are retarded,
its amazing i xpent countless hours 15 years ago playing
them, given how immensly crappy the gameflow is in
them, and the illogical puzzles in Res evil 3 is beyond
contempt, and each and every puzzle there is requires something
like 4 million presses on the psx joypad, with half of them
being something like “are you sure you wanna do this?”
confirmation presses, for the love of god if it wasnt WHy the
#!”” would i press that key to begin with ffffs geeeez,
and thats why gaming on PC is soooo immensly superior,
having a MOUSE ๐Ÿ™‚ And a keyboard, together they
beat ANY and ALL of the worlds gamepads or joysticks
or whatever theyre called, its that simple.
Anyhow i wish the survival horror genre with its
crappy retarded unplayable camera angles would
DIE OUT, รถppl at Doom 3 for comparrisson,
a FPS that gets the player WAY more immersed into the
game than ANY of the survival horror games is even close to,
thats another aspect of the games in q, with the cam angles
hanging from like the ceiling 8-9 meters above and slightly
tilted to left or right insomething like a 130 degree angle,
HOW immersive could that possible be then? Zilch,
zero, nada, not one bit at all, but with the playing
view angle that YOU see, then watching a big effing
mutated creature thats roraring high running towards
you is quite immersing, thats the simple reason (well one of
many many reasons actually) why Doom 3 pees all over
each and every japanese (resident evil, dino crisis, silent hill etc
are all japanese, just like hentai kid pron and bukkake vids)
socalled “survival horror” game EVER, Doom 3 is so superior
in many ways, to even get close to feeling scary and
immersive like Doom is
they MUST start making those games in a FPS angle,
it is that simple.


boycott rapidshare and the likes

i mean, TRY to dl something as simple
as pron, its impossible these days,
one sees a link somewhere, then that link
goes to yet anothe rlink, then another, and then voila,
back to where you started, all these,, etc etc are all bullshit
fake crapage, NOTHING is free, and EVERY THING
requires that ones logged in, which, of course,
requires cash and membership and blahblah,
ya, like id ever PAY for internet porn…..
go chase yoruselves, thank god for
TORRENTS, thats all i say ๐Ÿ˜€
All these rapidshare gay sites should all be hacked
and dDoSed to death, they serve NO purpose other than
harvesting ip addys, mail addys and personal info
about YOU, boycott them all!
Im thinking of paying a hacker i know cash so he can
hack and kill off the most homsoexual and worthless
site in existence – recaptcha site, easily THE
worst progged nonworking site ever

nothings more GAY than eurovision songcontest

Morrissey has apparently written his autobiography,
hes searching for someone to publish it,
i will deff buy it once it hits the store


Saw The bunker just now, wasnt that good imo,
about a group of german soldiers in ww2 (1939-1945)
who, at the end of the war, finds retreat in some old
bunker, but since its a horrofilm (or so i thought)
weird things happens in the old tunnels beneath it,
the only truly cool thing about this film was the
fact some of them carried the worlds first ever
AR (Assault Rifle), StG44 or MP44,
in production and in use several years before the
russians came out with their AK47 (early blueprints
of early versions of the AK clearly shows the deep impact
the russians took from the MP44, it looked virtually
the same), but anyhow, the germans was FIRST in
producing a new kind of weapon for the battlefield,
WW2 was fought mostly with 2 kinda weapons,
the standard boltaction rifle and the submachinegun,
but some bright geeser in Germany thought that maybe
one could combine the accuracy of the boltaction rifles
with the power and versatily of the submachinegun
and put into ONE, hence the birth of the Assault Rifle,
StG is short for Sturmgewehr, meaning simply
an rifle meant for storming purposes kinda,
sounded good in the nazi propaganda, esp since the
war wasnt going all too smoothly for them in 43-44,
and from that point on the term Assault Rifle was
adapted by all countries, but again,
the soviet AK47 was N O T the first AR designed,
thats just myth and bull; Mikhail kalashnikov owes a
great deal to the germans

once and for all – the United topic

i keep getting various opinions regarding
the manchester united topic,
when its real easy –
if youre not living in Manchester or having
family there and still youre a United fan,
then youre not genuinely interested in footie,
furthermore youre somewhat on the spineless
side, cheering for a team you have zero bonds
to, simply because its a hype, its the team you SHOULD
love and cheer for according to media,
if you buy into that then youre not a genuine footie fan
and you have zero cred as far as im concerned
The end of topic

examples of bad coding

in the Duke >Nukem Zero Hours theres
a map called Liberty something, its the second map
and in it theres a room that one can get stuck in,
by that i mean theres NO way of getting up to second floor
cuss the grate gets busted, and theres NO way ever
of leaving the actual cellar room…
THATS an example of BAD CODING.
im assuming whomever scripted that map has
worked for m$ or something, no serious gamedeveloper
would release a game with such a HUGE flaw,
one cant even begin to suspect iD Software
of doing such a n00b miss like the makers
of Duke Nukem Zero Hours for the N64 has done

soo immensly annoying to die

just because the steering and the controlling
of the protagonist is so flawed,
im talking about Duke Nuke Zero Hour
for the Nintendo64, its jerky, sluggish, VERY nondistinct
and generally retarded, as i recall that was the main reason
i never finished that game when it was new in 1997 or similar,
i died more often from fallin off ledges and cliffs than getting
hit and damaged by those enemies, and of course its flawed
in the sense its that retarded third person perspective,
Duke Nukem is a FPS and NOT a third person game a la
lara croft fffs (FPS – First Person Shooter),
look at GoldenEye, its a DREAM controlling the player
in that game, easily the best ever feel of any game ever
thats not mousecontrolled ie PC game, mouse and keybrd
control is obviously totally superior to ANY joystick/joypad/
gamepad/hwtaver-stick/pad you could ever come up with

Gospel of Judas and Thomas et cetera

The bible contains 4 gospels,
Matthew, John (the most angry one) and umm
two others i dont recall the names of,
but originally, before the church and before
the doctrins of the church took over,
it had more than 30, i never knew that
until i saw a truly interesting docu on National
Geographic channel entitled “Gospel of Judas”,
i always knew there was more to Judas than this
evilpersonification that the bible had done for almost
2000 years, seems that hes one of the most underrated
individuals in the entire human history,
everything points to Judas being Jesus’ most close
confidant and most loyal disciple, completely 180 degress
to his to his reputation, its very interesting to reading
and seeing docus on the founding of the biggest (?)
religion in the western world, and its kinda ironic that we
prob has interpreted it all wrong ….
Heres Gospel of Thomas
And when george “2tight eyebrows” bush proclaimed that he was
“speaking with the voice of Jesus Christ” as he was trying to
justify his war against the Iraqi people, then at least I knew
110 percent something is rotten in the state of Denmark,
or more correctly, the vatican, anyhoe its basically
academic to me since im a heathen and a pagan from the
north, my ancestors lived according to the “rules” of the
Viking gods of Tor and Oden, aka Norse mythology,
life may have been more harsh back then than it is now
BUT im totally convinced they were more content and
happy than what we are today