“No hes not the messiah, hes a very naughty boy!”

Yup, been watching Life of Brian :p
Its funny how religious, anally retentive sad sad
morons STILL biatches about how its
an attack on Jesus and God and whatever,
it toally is not, its an attack on how people,
usually anally retentive and narrowminded,
misinterprets (def wrong spelled) the whole basic idea
what its all about, granted im no authority on Christendom,
but im pretty sure that Jesus would condemn most of
the activities the socalled rightwing groups and what
theyve done in his name, Jesus did not preach about
forcing others to believe what he believed and he def
dint say “Go and kill in my name”, thats just bull,
Jesus did hangout with known prostitutes
and poor people and said “he whos without sin,
cast the first stone”, i have a very hard time
imagining Rush Limbaugh doing that, well ok
i CAN see him hanging with known prostitutes,
cuss theyre all uberhypocrites in the rightwing camp,
but i cannot see anyone of them saying the Throw a stone
part at all haha ^^ But hanging with hoes, yup, i can def
see that, anyhow,
Life of Brian isnt about Jesus (it IS called Life of brian and
not Life of Jesus fffs) whos contemporary with Jesus,
real name Joshua Bar Iosif (which coincidentally also was
Stalins real name, Iosif Vissarionovitj Dzjugashvili,
Stalin was madeup name he took, meaning Man of Steel,
and then he set out on grasping the power that Lenins death
meant and then he corrupted and destroyed the Communism 110 pcg,
but thats another story) and then we get to follow Brian
as he tries to fend off people who mistakenly thinks hes
the messiah, and it ends with Monty Python doing their
best (or one of the best anyhow) songs they ever did,
“Always look on the bright side of life” :p

And soon ill rewatch all the Pink Panther movies,
i have the 6 dvd box :p
NOONE other than Peter Sellers could ever portrait
Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau, NOONE,
and especially NOT Steve Martin, god i so HATE
his 2 misinterprtations on Clouseau and humour in
generally actually, WHEN was last time he made a
funny movie then? At least 20-25 years ago,
same with Eddie “trannyluvah” Murphy,
WHEN was last time he made a good movie then?
Exactly like Steve Martin it was somewhere in the
early/mid 80s, id say “48 Hours” is his only truly cool
movie, hes pretty perfect for his role of Reggie Hammond,
but thats pretty much it, beverly Hills cop was ok i guess,
at least the first one, but after that? Nothing, zilch,
only crap and more crap, altho he was competing,
or rather TRYING to compete with the humour elite of
Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, John Candy et cetera


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