typical shareholding corporation behaviours

which abbreviates itself into “corruption”,
some ex execs fpr Swedish powercompany
“vattenfall” (typical brownnosed run company)
has paid out a sum of 90 million skr (ca 15 million bucks)
to a cpl of ex executives in “fallskärmsavtal” (dunno eng name
but its a form of bonus system for the corrupted business
exec they maintained for themselves over the years,
they sit as an exec for usually a short time, then when they
leave they get a HUGE bonus, even if they ran the company
in q into bankrupcy and making loads of ordinary ppl
losing their job, it doesnt matter, the bonus is ALWAYS
paid…), typical pathetic behaviour for the privileged
few, but perhaps a bit more surprising is that the
Swedish branch of Amnesty International has spent a big sum
of their cash (member fees and government grants)
onto bonuses for two (i think it was two)
ex execs in London, and thats the main reason i never
ever donate cash to any charity, once i did donate
cash to a Swedish cancerfoundation (i even got a
diploma haha) but that was many years ago,
since then scandal after scandal with the donated money
has surfaced, ex execs bonuses and luxury travels,
often with a socalled “travelling secretery” (meaning
expensive prostitute) etc etc, its really no end to the
corruption, even the Red Cross had a huge scandal
just the other year in Sweden, they lost half their
members, but what really gets me is that the
exec in Sweden, some dumbassed chick,
she earns a LOT of cash in salary maintaining
a charital foundation, something like 14000 bucks
a month, to me thats wrong, if they beliebe sooo much in charity work
then by default they shouldnt earn bubkus, and def not
14000 bucks a month, thats almost a politicians wages fffs,
in conclusion, Swedens chick boss for Red Cross =
demented cow


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