overrated hyped girls that in some cases…

..looks exactly like a dude in drag,
jennifer garner (yikes!), sarah jessica parker
(holy mother “she” is the biggest of the
“hello mr penis, wont you come out and play? – no ty,
just look at what you want me to play with, ewwww!”
rating, alltime numero uno on that list)
and other yuckos, like paris hilton and jessica
alba, all a bunch of trannylookalikes,
someone made a nice list, its not 100 pcg accurate,
far from it, but some of it is quite on the nose šŸ™‚
Top 10 overrated hot girls

Doing laundry now, but one of the washer machines
arent working, meaning i have to run down to the stupid
washroom twice as much as usual hmmmmmmmmmmm :I


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