Gospel of Judas and Thomas et cetera

The bible contains 4 gospels,
Matthew, John (the most angry one) and umm
two others i dont recall the names of,
but originally, before the church and before
the doctrins of the church took over,
it had more than 30, i never knew that
until i saw a truly interesting docu on National
Geographic channel entitled “Gospel of Judas”,
i always knew there was more to Judas than this
evilpersonification that the bible had done for almost
2000 years, seems that hes one of the most underrated
individuals in the entire human history,
everything points to Judas being Jesus’ most close
confidant and most loyal disciple, completely 180 degress
to his to his reputation, its very interesting to reading
and seeing docus on the founding of the biggest (?)
religion in the western world, and its kinda ironic that we
prob has interpreted it all wrong ….
Heres Gospel of Thomas
And when george “2tight eyebrows” bush proclaimed that he was
“speaking with the voice of Jesus Christ” as he was trying to
justify his war against the Iraqi people, then at least I knew
110 percent something is rotten in the state of Denmark,
or more correctly, the vatican, anyhoe its basically
academic to me since im a heathen and a pagan from the
north, my ancestors lived according to the “rules” of the
Viking gods of Tor and Oden, aka Norse mythology,
life may have been more harsh back then than it is now
BUT im totally convinced they were more content and
happy than what we are today


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