soo immensly annoying to die

just because the steering and the controlling
of the protagonist is so flawed,
im talking about Duke Nuke Zero Hour
for the Nintendo64, its jerky, sluggish, VERY nondistinct
and generally retarded, as i recall that was the main reason
i never finished that game when it was new in 1997 or similar,
i died more often from fallin off ledges and cliffs than getting
hit and damaged by those enemies, and of course its flawed
in the sense its that retarded third person perspective,
Duke Nukem is a FPS and NOT a third person game a la
lara croft fffs (FPS – First Person Shooter),
look at GoldenEye, its a DREAM controlling the player
in that game, easily the best ever feel of any game ever
thats not mousecontrolled ie PC game, mouse and keybrd
control is obviously totally superior to ANY joystick/joypad/
gamepad/hwtaver-stick/pad you could ever come up with


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