boycott rapidshare and the likes

i mean, TRY to dl something as simple
as pron, its impossible these days,
one sees a link somewhere, then that link
goes to yet anothe rlink, then another, and then voila,
back to where you started, all these,, etc etc are all bullshit
fake crapage, NOTHING is free, and EVERY THING
requires that ones logged in, which, of course,
requires cash and membership and blahblah,
ya, like id ever PAY for internet porn…..
go chase yoruselves, thank god for
TORRENTS, thats all i say đŸ˜€
All these rapidshare gay sites should all be hacked
and dDoSed to death, they serve NO purpose other than
harvesting ip addys, mail addys and personal info
about YOU, boycott them all!
Im thinking of paying a hacker i know cash so he can
hack and kill off the most homsoexual and worthless
site in existence – recaptcha site, easily THE
worst progged nonworking site ever


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