nothings more GAY than eurovision songcontest

Morrissey has apparently written his autobiography,
hes searching for someone to publish it,
i will deff buy it once it hits the store


Saw The bunker just now, wasnt that good imo,
about a group of german soldiers in ww2 (1939-1945)
who, at the end of the war, finds retreat in some old
bunker, but since its a horrofilm (or so i thought)
weird things happens in the old tunnels beneath it,
the only truly cool thing about this film was the
fact some of them carried the worlds first ever
AR (Assault Rifle), StG44 or MP44,
in production and in use several years before the
russians came out with their AK47 (early blueprints
of early versions of the AK clearly shows the deep impact
the russians took from the MP44, it looked virtually
the same), but anyhow, the germans was FIRST in
producing a new kind of weapon for the battlefield,
WW2 was fought mostly with 2 kinda weapons,
the standard boltaction rifle and the submachinegun,
but some bright geeser in Germany thought that maybe
one could combine the accuracy of the boltaction rifles
with the power and versatily of the submachinegun
and put into ONE, hence the birth of the Assault Rifle,
StG is short for Sturmgewehr, meaning simply
an rifle meant for storming purposes kinda,
sounded good in the nazi propaganda, esp since the
war wasnt going all too smoothly for them in 43-44,
and from that point on the term Assault Rifle was
adapted by all countries, but again,
the soviet AK47 was N O T the first AR designed,
thats just myth and bull; Mikhail kalashnikov owes a
great deal to the germans


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