retarded psx games

both by Eidos –
Resident evil 3 – Nemesis, and
Dino Crisis 2,
the sad thing is that with some changes theyd prob
both be awesome games, i dont have the energy to
describe them in any detail, Scroogle (NOT google)
them, basically theyre very similar in style and looks,
and theyre both completely ruined by their immensly
retarded viewing system, basically theres a couple
of various ways to play games, one if the First Person
Shooter or FPS (,
which is my fave, its foremost realistic, logic, basic, simple
and superior to any other viewing angle,
most Shooters has it, Doom, Quake, Halflife, Counterstrike
etc etc, then theres the Third person view (or “Lara croft view”),
not really my scene but its playable (mostly),
and then theres the “survival horror” genre that
Resident evil started, which is pretty much the opposite of
the FPS games, instead of actually seeing what the player sees
theres fixed camera angles which are all preset,
whenever one enters “room 13” the camera angle will ALWAYS
be identical every time, and mostly its from high in the room
zoomed in, which simply means its like watching a film,
and it also means you have no idea whats in the room
cuss you cant see anything else other than yourself
and the door, some people love that, others dont,
the player has to move to a certain area of the room to change the
cameraangle, mostly its a 180 degreee turn ie all of a sudden
you see the left corner of the room with the players character
standing somewhere in the middle of it, and first now can the
player see if theres any enemies in the room, unless of course
its a big big room with the enemies even farther away,
and if then theres an enemy in view he/she/it will attack you,
so what do you do then? Yup you try to shoot it, but wait
HOW can one view when the camera angles isnt
the players view then?? And there we hit the main point
these angles sucks, you cant aim, either you turn on
autoaim (which by default is lamedom but needed in these
kinda games) or simply try to shoot in the general
area of the enemy, hoping some lead will hit him.
but if ones using autoaim and theres more than ONE
enemy on the screen, then what? Then the autoaim will
target the nearest enemy, usually there is a key to press
to change the autoaim target, ummmmm do you begin to see the
lamedom of such games yet ? And even more lame is the fact
that whenever theres a camera angle switch, theres always
a 3-4 sec hickup, and imagine that plus trying to
figur eout where the hell the enemy is with the camera angles totally
changing in mid-action …
This means that you dont only have to combat whatever
enemy there is in the game, you have to combat the
actual game itself, which makes the actual game in q
way harder, in the totally wrong way, than it has to be,
i do like hard, tough games thats nearly impossible to play
BUT not cuss one has to fight the game itself ffffs,
and thats why the Resident evil games plus
Dino Crisis 2 (i havent played Dino crisis 1 but im assuming
its the same) are retarded,
its amazing i xpent countless hours 15 years ago playing
them, given how immensly crappy the gameflow is in
them, and the illogical puzzles in Res evil 3 is beyond
contempt, and each and every puzzle there is requires something
like 4 million presses on the psx joypad, with half of them
being something like “are you sure you wanna do this?”
confirmation presses, for the love of god if it wasnt WHy the
#!”” would i press that key to begin with ffffs geeeez,
and thats why gaming on PC is soooo immensly superior,
having a MOUSE 🙂 And a keyboard, together they
beat ANY and ALL of the worlds gamepads or joysticks
or whatever theyre called, its that simple.
Anyhow i wish the survival horror genre with its
crappy retarded unplayable camera angles would
DIE OUT, öppl at Doom 3 for comparrisson,
a FPS that gets the player WAY more immersed into the
game than ANY of the survival horror games is even close to,
thats another aspect of the games in q, with the cam angles
hanging from like the ceiling 8-9 meters above and slightly
tilted to left or right insomething like a 130 degree angle,
HOW immersive could that possible be then? Zilch,
zero, nada, not one bit at all, but with the playing
view angle that YOU see, then watching a big effing
mutated creature thats roraring high running towards
you is quite immersing, thats the simple reason (well one of
many many reasons actually) why Doom 3 pees all over
each and every japanese (resident evil, dino crisis, silent hill etc
are all japanese, just like hentai kid pron and bukkake vids)
socalled “survival horror” game EVER, Doom 3 is so superior
in many ways, to even get close to feeling scary and
immersive like Doom is
they MUST start making those games in a FPS angle,
it is that simple.


One Comment on “retarded psx games”

  1. brnjovanovic says:

    I very so much indeed agree with your “a.k.a.” for the Third Person view, The Lara Croft view! 😀

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