stuff that SUCK

* (THE nr 1 never ever ever
working-site of them all)
*Google (I could go on and on WHY google
is THE nr 1 sucky of suck companies of them all; most ppl
are simply oblivious to FACT and wont listen; you can
all SUCK IT)
*Micro$$oft (comments redundant)
*Record company contracts (or lack thereof, to be precise)
*Sting (The Police? bleh)
*Lady Gaga (barf-alert)
*Angelina Valentino (now THATS sucking; albeit from a
positive side tho)
*Cleveland Show (wtf Seth? WHAT on earth were you thinking??)
*Cheers (forever and ever the gayest and most crappy
crap show EVER, god i HATE CHEERS)
*Boston Bruins (Ulf Samuelsson=Swedish God)
*Zonealarm (I rem almst 10 years ago when it was the
best free firewall, nowadays its totally worthless and immensly
easy to hack; if you, for some bizarre reason cuss it crashes
and seldom works for a consecutive time of 5 mins, still uses it –
*Adam Sandler (“king of comedy”? LMAO, hes made the same
role for like 74 movies)
*Pauley Shore (…….)
*acdc (braindead music with the worst singer ever,
HOW old are they now, 60-65? Isnt rock music supposed to
be rebellious music for YOUNG people? At least their original singer
had the common decency to die before turning 40)
*Coldplay (WHY havent U2 dragged these sad pathetic U2wannabe
behinds to court then??)
*New kids on the block (just die already)

to be continued


domination abomination are you up for the suck!

NP (aka Now Playing for those of you seminal semimofos
that hasnt gotten that)

Skinny Puppy – Politikill (humble bros remix – MrD remix 3)
This should deff have been a hit; its an immensly good track 😀
And has some intriguing and weird, as always, lyrics

“Are you up for the suck!
Are you over the suck!
Are you offered a suck!
Are you up for the suck!
Domination abomination dirty termination dirties up definition, dirties up denom denom Drop won’t make it up.
Bomb ,These Mo-Fo, Bomb, emission, Bomb, remission, Bomb, emission, Bomb, remission, Bomb, is enough,Bomb
Don’t elimination Denom Denom elimination
But you gonna get something dumb biatch!
But you gonna get something dumb biatch!
But you gonna get so banged, never said you won’t
You ever get nothing in strobe light
Are you up for the suck!
Are you over the suck!
Are you offered a suck!
Are you up the suck!
Are you over the side, over the side, over the side…
But you gonna get so sorry, But you gonna get so sorry
telling a vision, but you gonna get sorry
Are you up for the suck!
Are you over the suck!
Are you offered a suck!
Are you up the suck!
Are you up for the suck!
Are you over the suck!
Are you offered a suck!
Are you up the suck!”

You can alll suck it, then? ^^

duh YES she IS a prostitute

been reading over at the Flashback forum about
Natacha Peyre (yet another one of the “silicon teens
bimbo squad” thats so common these days; she differs
from most of the Swedish ones by being halfblack or half-
mexican or whatever; app she “makes up” for that by always
halfshowing her fakeboobs in shades and about 14 pounds
of superperoxide((or whatever bleech products are called))
and if shes a whore/prostitute/callgirl/whatever word or not,
of course she is, she has no employment whatsoever,
earns nothing and yet she can afford original Chanel
products plus shopping every day in LA, and living in LA
isnt cheap, and shes not a model (altho she thinks she is one),
she claims she can afford everything by simply being
invited to parties and “mingle around” with celebs etc
and claiming she gets enough cash from that but NOT sleeping
with anybody, haha ya suuure, shes def not the brainty type
thats for sure, scoring a mere 0.1 on the Högskoleprovet,
and ive seen her in those docusoaps shes been on, trust me shes
NOT a genius at all, whatever she does that “entertains men”
with her mouth, it surely isnt with words ^^
The sad part is that theres tons of young girls that thinks shes
cool and a role model, just like the uberbimbo Paris Hilton


United lost :-))

Barcelona is WAY superior to the hyped crappy
United team, and Messi is 100 times better than
Rooney, and Barca played as a TEAM and won with 3-1,
with shots 12-1 (!) =)
Suck on THAT soandso sir Alex :p


the hated bruins will play against Canucks in the
Stanley Cup finals, GUESS which team Ill cheer for ffffs ^^

Umm WHY does this site give me “plugins” cookie
when i do not have any Plugins??? hmm

“wordpress is easily customizable with Plugins”……

ummm not quite, to customize Plugins
one must first HAVE them, and i dont….
who scripted this again??

Google Chrome – Morally Incapable Browser


Rational Youth’s uberclassic “Cold War Nightlife” album
anno 1982, electro/synthpop at its best (well, almost,
Id claim “Upstairs at Eric’s” by Yazoo is the ultimate album
in that genre) and drinking some Sicilian Inycon wine,
who knows, maybe im recooperating from some previous
activities 🙂

A little but important security tip for m$ users

And this is extrenely overlooked;
its very rare to read about this particular
problem when one searches for topics like
“internet security” et al, it is, obviously, m$ own
nonsense thats in question,
if one goes to “Internet options”, theres a Tab called
Content (“InnehÃ¥ll” in Swe), and then theres 2 subtabs
of “certificates” and “publishers”, open up them and behold –
filled with “trusted” certificates by m$ and their partners,
funny , i cant rem giving m$ and their partners any
special privilegies regarding MY computer,
WHY on earth would i volunteerily put m$
in there as “trusted” then? Nope, thats right, I didnt,
its m$ (and their partners) whos feeding me their nonsense,
giving them exclusive rights to YOUR computer,
and i bet you had no idea about it, right?
You can safely REMOVE EVERYTHING there without
anything bad happening, the only exception (which hasnt
anything to do with m$ or their partners like verisign etc)
is if you do online banking (the hyped thing thats called
“completely safe” , umm not quite lmao) then you should
keep that particular certificate, but everything else
should go, and whenever you connect to the internet
m$ put a brand new certificate there, just remove it,
why the phuck would ANYONE give m$ any
special exclusive rights to ANYHTHING in YOUR computer?
Short version –
press “start”, then Control panel (if youre on idiots Exploiter
then its at top somewhere) and then Internet Options,
then Content and then Certificates and Publishers,
then DELETE them all (typical m$ programming; in every
other software this could be done with 1 or 2 key presses, but not
in anything by m$; its always 17keypresses involved)

And now for the philosphical q of the week,
whos the biggest n00b, IE-users or
go0gle chrome users?
Think about it, yes IE-users are all unaware, oblivious
ppl, BUT go0gle chrome is a CHOICE; IE isnt, IE comes
shipped with m$, get my point? chrome is downloaded
by active choice of the user,
Its similar to the eternal question of
whos the bigger fool, the fool or the one following the fool?
Never use google chrome