a vital and informative headline

bin Laden, prob the most hated man in worlds history
after Hitler and Stalin, was shot down the other day,
and, surprise surprise, a woman got killed too,
after “one of the men in the house used her as
protection”, maybe it wasnt bin Laden who used the
woman for cover, but its symptomatic for him and his
followers incredible cowardice, when the going gets tough,
the tough hides behind (oppressed) women, no?
Well good riddance to bad rubbish,
speaking of bad rubbish, Julian Assange, another coward,
yes ive hailed Wikileaks and i will continue to do so,
their work is vital, but the founder is a megalomaniac
mythbuilding lamer, all i ever need to say is
BRADLEY MANNING, and anyone who knows whats going on
there knows exactly what i mean


Ulf Samuelsson, aka Robocop, Swedish hockeylegend,
hardhitter, the most undervalued player ever in NHL,
is a new coach
for MoDo, the general manager Markus Näslund (another
NHL legend) announced it earlier today,
they also have Peter “Foppa” Forsberg in their staff,
this will be quite interesting to follow =)
Shame its not Frölunda Indians tho, they most deff
need to do something very drastic, i dont get it,
they have tons of cash and fairly good players
and a nice tradition of lifting up junior players
to the senior league, they *should* be the best
team in Sweden ffffs hmmmmmm

Speaking of hockey, isnt it funny how the
oldtime bluecherries of NHL nowadays
always wins the cup? Boring nonentity teams as
Sharks, Tampa etc usually win over uberlegendary
teams such as Red wings, Maple leafs etc,
but as long as Boston Bruins wins nothing,
im content 🙂

Arsenal beat United with 1-0 🙂

Ive read on some blog somewhere about how to
write informative and interesting blogs,
app the headline should be a short, descriptive
and informative to-the-point summarize about the
post, so expect something along those lines in my
future headlines


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