How not to be seen

I guess i can take my somewhat nonworking
old PSX and chuck it thru the window,
Ive discovered the art of emulating,
Im running the ePSXe 1.7 psxemulator for win,
and ive dl almost all the games for it i could
find, ummm actually i dont know if this is
legal or not, havent been able to find out hmmmm,
anyhow ive tried out Resident evil 1 directors cut
(yet another proof these japs think theyre doing a movie
instead of what it is, or should be more like it,
a GAME), i had forgot how tedious and kinda boring
it actually is, its an endless running up and down
some rooms in some mansion, i must have seen the paintings
on those walls a thousand times today only lol,
this game would drive Klas mad haha, hes not into
“exploration” in games ^^ Id say a zombie shows his
ugly face about once or twice every 15.7 gamehour,
WHY is this referred to as “survival horror” then?
The only “survival horror” there is involved evolves
around the nr of shoes one tears down to complete this,
sooo much running back and forth and back and forth
into rooms here and there and nothing happens,
people who says they get scared of THIS game should try
DooM 3, theyd crap their pants cuss its about 40000 times
more scary, at least,
also tried out Resident evil 2, but i got stuck there almost immediately,
in the police station, app i need some “card key” which cannot be
found anywhere, once i did find it tho cuss ive played all
these Resident evil games on PSX 12-13 years ago or so,
i do rem the surroundings once i get there but i dont recall
where the items are, who am i, the Memory man fffs,
the only cool things about this is that ive activated a cheat
that makes Claire (one of the protagonists in res evil 2)
shoot her smg 5 times faster, altho the game doesnt understand
it as such, which means i shot some zombie with like
300 bullets and yet he didnt die cuss the game thinks
i shot him 5 times less haha oh well 🙂
One game that did sorta but not really scare me
was Silent Hill, anyhow its way more scary than the
Resident evil ones for sure, much more intense,
altho it has the infmaous Nintendo 64-fog ;O
Or the SoF2 fog haha, altho “fog” doesnt exist
as we all know, when they report its “foggy outside”
they simply mean “were cheapassed so we didnt buy a better
graphics card and thus the Draw_distance setting has to be
kinda low” ^_^


Bruins (bleh) won the second game vs
Flyers (Broad Street Bullies) tonight,
how dreary, i HATE boston, i hate “Cheers” and i hate
Cam Neely beyond words, if i was a president
id nuke boston as the first act ever, and then blame
bin ladens boys, oh thats right, hes toast,
well id blame his successor then,
speaking of bin laden now they yap about how he wasnt
armed when he was killed, well, neither was those
firemen who died when the WTC collapsed as a result
of his orders, i really hope he wasnt killed right
away but had to suffer in big agony


2 Comments on “How not to be seen”

  1. brnjovanovic says:

    To this day, I still haven’t laid my hands on any of the Silent Hill games, what a shame…
    #ts ts ts & smh…

  2. rotti001 says:

    haha well they sure ebat res evil, at least the very first one, havent played the followups, app they dont have mousesupport (!), and the latest, which prob has mousesupport, is too beefy for my machine

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