nobody expects the spanish inquisition

im pretty jaded and coldhearted when it comes to
stuff that once only could be seen on a site like,
pics of beheaded bosnians, forensic pics of suicides with
shotguns etc etc, ie pretty nasty gory stuff, but for some reason
the pics of the raped, strangled, brutalized and beaten to death
Elin Krantz got to me, this site wont allow me to ul pics
but even so, i wouldnt, just visit Flashback forum and search for
the name if you wanna see, its not that theres tons of blood
or mutilations thats so gripping,cuss there isnt any,
in a twisted way they somehow almost looks,
kinda, peaceful, i cant explain so i wont,
that ethiopian dumbfucker whos responsible, Ephraim Yohannes,
typical pathetic “blingblinglover” dude has been found guilty,
lets hope he gets what he truly deserves in prison
Rest In Peace Elin


It astounds me that people writes so much info about themselves
on sites/blogs etc, “i was born 7.41 am in blahblah place and
my interests are skiing, sheepshagging, wow-ing and blahblah”,
first up – WHO THE HELL CARES???!? GET A LIFE!
Secondly – WHY give a potential hacker/identity stealer
free ammo? The sheer number of “poor it users” whos
been exposed for just that is way bigger than you think,
one of the responsible for this bs is that technerd
suckerberg, inventor (or not, app hes sued by a lot of
ppl claiming THEY invented it) of facebook,
ppl always get so perplexed when i tell them “nope,
im not on facebook and never will be, for many reasons
but one of them is that its stupid and pathetic”,
if i was forced to write something personal about myself it
would be something like “if youre reading this and
dont know me, then you dont need to know me”
wasnt it Herr Reichsgo0gleleiter Eric Messerschmidt herself
that said “the internet is a cesspool” (well she should know,
go0gle is responsible for soo much CRAP on the internet)?


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