And in the outer line, Bormann, Brazil

As reported ive played a lot of old PSX
games on me PC thanks to the ePSXe
emulator, which is funny and a trip down memorylane,
however, i had completely forgotten how boring
all the Resident evil games were, did i really
spend so many countless hours running up down the same
corridors/streets/hospital/police stations?
Why? Im guessing ive gotten used to the greatness of
games such as Doom 3 and RTCW, granted theyre not in the
“survival horror” genre but its the closest approx i can think
of, now when i play i only get aggrevated and annoyed at those
immensly retarded camera angles, its imposs to see anything,
not to mention being in a firefight with a monster,
usually all one sees is my neck and the cracks on the floor
while one fires frenetically hoping to actually
HIT anything, total retardation, especially compared to a
PROPER horror game such as Doom 3, its evident that
if you wanna create a scary game, you cannot do that in anything
other than a FPS or First Person Shooter, or at least
the First Person of it, it simply never gets scary when the camera
is pointing to a ceiling or something, it MUST be
what YOU see when the scary stuff happens, if not the scary
factor is gone, and without the scary factor games such as
Resident evil and Silent Hill just becomes incredibly monotonous,
with a constant never ending running here and there
on countless streets/hospital/police stations/etc,
with an occassional monster showing every 15th hour or so,
geez anyone who finds that scary should deff try Doom 3,
pref wearing diapers lol ^^ And if i could find the first
F.E.A.R game anywhere (its not even in TPB) im sure id need
diapers as well, it said to be one of the scariest pc games ever,
sure i CAN find F.E.A.R. 2 but i cant run it, too new for my
old puter 😦
I did play the oldtime Syphoon Filter (whats a “syphoon filter”
anyway??) which was fun, reliving the Gabe Logan adventures
is fun as hell :p I rem playing it with Patrik being around,
hed broken his leg playing footie (thats what you get playing footie
as totally unfit haha) so he was practically 24 7 at my place
back in ummm 99 i think, being my “cohort in crime”
as I played, SF is a thirdperson shooter (think Lara “silicon
heaven” Croft) much like Goldeneye and Tomorrow never dies
only in third person (when he ran it looked like he had pooped
his pants) and was fun but hard as nails to play,
only the “Spec Ops” game was harder, easily the hardest
game ever to complete, prob killed off 4 psx joypads while
playing it ^_^

Havent gotten my Ghostery tee yet, but its ok,
its not like i actually believed id get it haha 😉
May 28 – Champions League finals,
Barcelona – Man United
GUESS which team im cheering for ffffs :p


4 Comments on “And in the outer line, Bormann, Brazil”

  1. brnjovanovic says:

    -You haven’t found the non-Stream version of the first F.E.A.R yet?

    -“If you’re not a Manc, you’re a wank.” -I’d say… ^^

  2. rotti001 says:

    nope i havent, app its scarce as hell, so sod it, everyones yappin about the second one anyhow, maybe for next puter i will try fear 2,
    please dont tell me youre a manc cuss then im seriously disappointed

    • brnjovanovic says:

      -For what reason did I think that you were one… my sincere apologies mate. 😛 And rest assured, I’m not a manc either.

      -When would you be considering getting a new puter?

      • rotti001 says:

        phew; nothing more LAME than a mancfan not living in manchester 🙂
        ummmmm not sure when ill buy a new puter, its all about cash, as it always is, but sooner or later i will get one

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