fairy tale of twin towers of the ring of the children saga etc

how great, world champs is currently playing
now, Sweden vs Deutschland atm,
but can i SEE it? Nope, its on stupid TV3, a channel
I dont see (thanks to the immensly retarded and totally
worthless as well as unneeded digital telly scam),
instead on tv6 its that headline crap kid movie,
HOW can they air childrens movies at prime
time?? I dont get it, shouldnt such films air at like
3 pm or something? hmm

Ive received my very first (actually second; this second mail
confirms it) hacked spam mail to my lavabit
account, from leasercarrie@yahoo.com (typical
crappy yahoo, THE lousiest internetcompany of them all to
combat spam), for the record that addy is, or was,
a real account, but app the user isnt aware that she, or he,
dont matter, his or her account has been hijacked,
he or she dont reply to my mails trying to inform her or him
that hse or he has a mailaddy thats most likely
is part of a zombie network, prob cuss he, or she,
is using what then? -Yup, Idiot Exploiter haha,
thats the immense retardation of ActiveX hijack scripting for
you, for the record theres nothing easier than to
write a small active script that hijacks anyones mailaccount
provided theyre using ActiveX based applications, ie microcrapsoft,
speakin of such retardation, m$ has bought
skype, something like 9.5 billion dollars,
good thing i dont use skype; now i will most def NEVER
use it 🙂
app google has opened up some kind of music portal,
good thing i dont use google; nor ever will use ANY of their
“services”; the pricetag is WAY too high

speaking of nkvd oops i mean google, theyve been
sued by 3 French book companies for something like
12 billion dollars, google has, as well know,
ripped virtually every book there is and placed it
into their owns ervers (talk about a MAJOR piracy infringement! –
WHY hasnt anyone whos usually yapping about “TPB is stealing
music and films!” said jackshit about that, then?),
legally, hopefully and morally google will HAVE TO PAY


(old) joke of the week –
“Well, now we know WHY its called
Micro and Soft” (the whore as she pulled down
Bill gates’ zipper)


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