WHERE is the “horror” part of Resident Evil??

Always wondered about the socalled
“survival horror” genre, WHERES the horror in
the Resident evil series?? They merely all suck backside,
unplayable given the immensly retarded camera angles,
maybe thats the horror part? I mean running straight into a wall
do hurt a lot, and that happens all the time in those games simply
cuss one cant see where ones going,
apparently the second one, boringly called Resident Evil 2,
is the worst of them, totally illogical full of logic holes
(one plays the game with 2 characters, pretty much same
“adventure” for both of them, the illogical part is that
altho they do at times have contact with each other,
they have to do same things twice, regardless the fact
the other character has already made it),
the whole game feels somewhere between an Alpha
and a Beta release, buggy, sloooow loadingscreens
and a HUGE hickup every time theres a camera change,
which happens about once every 8 second,
and dont get me started on the UBERLAMENESS of the
parts where one has to play the game as the
“cute” 10yearold girl, im assuming that the makers of this
shitty game thought that being this “cute” little girl
would bring up feelings of protectiveness and caring
for her. Trust me it does not, the only feelings that emerges
are the ones of frustration, frustration that she runs so slow
that any of the zombie dogs easily catches her,
frustration that she has NO way of defending herself
against those zombie dogs, frustration that one constantly dies
from attacks of zombie dogs cuss one cant run away
fast enough nor defend oneself, frustration over the
part ingame when one has to navigate inbetween zombies
to reach various parts, frustration that a SLOW-walking braindead
zombie easily WALKS faster than she RUNS, frustration
over the retarded camera angles that disables each and
every chance of planning how and where to run so she doesnt
get caught by zombies, frustration one cant commit suicide while
being that “cute” little girl, frustration one cant stomp her
to death and throw the carcass into the sewers so a Licker
or alligator or whatever monster can use her rotten corpse as
dinner, frustration this game sucks the most of all
the Resident evil ones, frustration AND immense surprise
to read on some playstation sites that this unholy
worthless piece of garbage “horror” game is considered
the BEST of them all, granted all of the
Resident Evil games do suck major backside,
but this one is deff the worst of them, I simply cannot believe
these “horror” games have arded fans that claims they
“love horror games”, esp the ones that also dont like
Doom 3, completely retarded opinion (has nothing to do
with freedom of thought); Doom 3 is FPS ie one can
SEE where one goes and whats actually happening,
Doom 3 has an atmos that Resident evil series
could only dream of having, Doom 3 has an intelligent
plot (as far as “intelligence” goes when games are
concerned, this isnt imagined by Kierkegaard,
Wittgenstein or Aristoteles), intriguing stories and
gameplay whereas the Resident evil ones
mainly simply suck, these arent opinions,
these are FACTS


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