.flac file extension – retardation

the RETARDED .FLAC file format,
i copy n paste a forum post –
“I don’t know if any of you have encountered this illustrious audio format. If you haven’t avoid like the plague. seriously these things are so worthless i’d have been better off beating my head against my a wall for an hour and letting the ensuing concussion provide me a nice ringing sound in my ears. which is exactly what i ended up doing trying to get these files to play.
Supposedly flac stands for free lossless audio codec or some junk like that. Lets break this up a little bit. “Free,” To play these files on a program that is actually useful is going to set you back a minimum of $20. “Lossless,” That’s definately not true i lost my mind. wacko.gif secondly playing this thing on my crappy headphones on my mp3 player i couldn’t tell you the difference between a mp3 and gold encrusted vinyl. so the lossless compression is moot
“audio codec” try downloading that codec from sourceforge. it’s not so much a codec as wasted hard drive space the thing can’t recognize it’s own files even if you follow the path all the way down to the file itself, there’s nothing there. I even set it to show all files couldn’t find them!
.flac is yet another of those superfluos and unneeded
file formats they want us to use; i boycott them completely,
.wav and mp3 works perfectly; absolutely NO reason
to mess around with anything else, supposedly .flac
is lossless ie not like mp3 which compress the audio quality,
such utter NONSENSE and totally void of interest,
.wav does exactly that and .wav works on every computer
in the world and theres no need to buy or dl an external
program to handle them; the lesser progs on the puter=the better
it will perform, and the fact that .flac MAY be lossless
isnt a valid point of logic; once any song is made into
a .flac the size is pretty much the same as .wav,
in absolute, unanswerable conclusion –


I can see why Läfkvist is irritated on the
CHEATER Alberto Contador;
WHY isnt someone whos confimed by testing for doping drugs
NOT immediately disqualified???!??? At the moment hes
in total lead of the ongoing Giro d*Italia, and clearly
those illegal drugs are part of the reason, no wonder
most people think “well i COULD be interested in
cycling, but theres way too many lamers and cheaters
for me to waste time on it” and i understand them completely



One Comment on “.flac file extension – retardation”

  1. brnjovanovic says:

    I honestly NEVER bothered to mess about the flac files, KNOWING that I couldn’t open them ANYWHERE…
    I don’t hate the flac format, I just see it as useless.

    On a related note: Ogg is as good as MP3 as far as compression is involved.
    WAV of course, is STILL my starting point in audio editing when I demand high quality sound. ^^

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