worst game of all times – silent hill

I must have remembered playing this immensly retarded
game in a sort of haze or something; im replaying it now on
the fairly crappy ePSXe emulator, and man, there hasnt been
a game EVER made with such idiotic, retarded, illogic
and completely iq-liberated “puzzles”, totally illogic
things has to connect with other completely illogic
and totally NON-related; how the Ā¤!”#”!” is one supposed
to understand this then?? Its so retarded that even
retards would reject; THE most illogic puzzles ever,
ATM (no not Ass To Mouth) im running around in a
part of the game called “Nowhere”, apply entitled cuss
im getting nowhere, and nowhere fast,
completely void of any logic one has to run
in and out of rooms for hours; occasionally
one encounters a compeltely retarded and illogic puzzle,
but one cant solve them without having something completely
nonrelated in ones Inventory; this game is STUPID.
Resident Evil games, which kinda sucks, are way better
than this quasi-intellectual monstrocity, and the camera angles
are beyond retardation (of course; all the socalled horror survival
games has idiotic camera angles), the story is made by someone
aged 9 and the aforementioned puzzles are made by a 3yearold


2 Comments on “worst game of all times – silent hill”

  1. brnjovanovic says:

    Wow! So much negative comments, I’m impressed! šŸ˜€
    Nice review, I cracked up on the “Ass To Mouth” part rotfl. ^^

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