A little but important security tip for m$ users

And this is extrenely overlooked;
its very rare to read about this particular
problem when one searches for topics like
“internet security” et al, it is, obviously, m$ own
nonsense thats in question,
if one goes to “Internet options”, theres a Tab called
Content (“Innehåll” in Swe), and then theres 2 subtabs
of “certificates” and “publishers”, open up them and behold –
filled with “trusted” certificates by m$ and their partners,
funny , i cant rem giving m$ and their partners any
special privilegies regarding MY computer,
WHY on earth would i volunteerily put m$
in there as “trusted” then? Nope, thats right, I didnt,
its m$ (and their partners) whos feeding me their nonsense,
giving them exclusive rights to YOUR computer,
and i bet you had no idea about it, right?
You can safely REMOVE EVERYTHING there without
anything bad happening, the only exception (which hasnt
anything to do with m$ or their partners like verisign etc)
is if you do online banking (the hyped thing thats called
“completely safe” , umm not quite lmao) then you should
keep that particular certificate, but everything else
should go, and whenever you connect to the internet
m$ put a brand new certificate there, just remove it,
why the phuck would ANYONE give m$ any
special exclusive rights to ANYHTHING in YOUR computer?
Short version –
press “start”, then Control panel (if youre on idiots Exploiter
then its at top somewhere) and then Internet Options,
then Content and then Certificates and Publishers,
then DELETE them all (typical m$ programming; in every
other software this could be done with 1 or 2 key presses, but not
in anything by m$; its always 17keypresses involved)

And now for the philosphical q of the week,
whos the biggest n00b, IE-users or
go0gle chrome users?
Think about it, yes IE-users are all unaware, oblivious
ppl, BUT go0gle chrome is a CHOICE; IE isnt, IE comes
shipped with m$, get my point? chrome is downloaded
by active choice of the user,
Its similar to the eternal question of
whos the bigger fool, the fool or the one following the fool?
Never use google chrome


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