duh YES she IS a prostitute

been reading over at the Flashback forum about
Natacha Peyre (yet another one of the “silicon teens
bimbo squad” thats so common these days; she differs
from most of the Swedish ones by being halfblack or half-
mexican or whatever; app she “makes up” for that by always
halfshowing her fakeboobs in shades and about 14 pounds
of superperoxide((or whatever bleech products are called))
and if shes a whore/prostitute/callgirl/whatever word or not,
of course she is, she has no employment whatsoever,
earns nothing and yet she can afford original Chanel
products plus shopping every day in LA, and living in LA
isnt cheap, and shes not a model (altho she thinks she is one),
she claims she can afford everything by simply being
invited to parties and “mingle around” with celebs etc
and claiming she gets enough cash from that but NOT sleeping
with anybody, haha ya suuure, shes def not the brainty type
thats for sure, scoring a mere 0.1 on the Högskoleprovet,
and ive seen her in those docusoaps shes been on, trust me shes
NOT a genius at all, whatever she does that “entertains men”
with her mouth, it surely isnt with words ^^
The sad part is that theres tons of young girls that thinks shes
cool and a role model, just like the uberbimbo Paris Hilton



2 Comments on “duh YES she IS a prostitute”

  1. brnjovanovic says:

    Gosh, what a low-grade moron she is… both mentally and even more so, physically! :\
    And I say this even though this is the first time I EVER heard of her.
    I guess she’s yet another person that was added to my STRICTLY AVOID list.

  2. rotti001 says:

    haha yup 🙂 Shes just gross, a typical lowiq chick who thinks shes hott etc, world is filled with such chicks

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