stuff that SUCK

* (THE nr 1 never ever ever
working-site of them all)
*Google (I could go on and on WHY google
is THE nr 1 sucky of suck companies of them all; most ppl
are simply oblivious to FACT and wont listen; you can
all SUCK IT)
*Micro$$oft (comments redundant)
*Record company contracts (or lack thereof, to be precise)
*Sting (The Police? bleh)
*Lady Gaga (barf-alert)
*Angelina Valentino (now THATS sucking; albeit from a
positive side tho)
*Cleveland Show (wtf Seth? WHAT on earth were you thinking??)
*Cheers (forever and ever the gayest and most crappy
crap show EVER, god i HATE CHEERS)
*Boston Bruins (Ulf Samuelsson=Swedish God)
*Zonealarm (I rem almst 10 years ago when it was the
best free firewall, nowadays its totally worthless and immensly
easy to hack; if you, for some bizarre reason cuss it crashes
and seldom works for a consecutive time of 5 mins, still uses it –
*Adam Sandler (“king of comedy”? LMAO, hes made the same
role for like 74 movies)
*Pauley Shore (…….)
*acdc (braindead music with the worst singer ever,
HOW old are they now, 60-65? Isnt rock music supposed to
be rebellious music for YOUNG people? At least their original singer
had the common decency to die before turning 40)
*Coldplay (WHY havent U2 dragged these sad pathetic U2wannabe
behinds to court then??)
*New kids on the block (just die already)

to be continued


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