Why im not on Firefox 4

One would imagine id be one of the first
to tryout the latest Firefox4, but im not
gonna go near it for one simple reason –
NOT that im against it, cuss im not, its a GREAT
idea, no more retarded Adobe flash nonsense
on ones computer (altho i havent had Adobe flash
on my machine for over 2 years, for security reasons;
it IS a highly flawed product which is very easy
to hack into) instead one can watch
flashbased content without the need for external
Flash, the problem is (prob since it was invented by
a russian; theyre mostly noob hackers at best,
Xray engine was by a russian for instance)
that its highly vulnerable in its current state
(see the link) and thats why im not gonna bother with
FF4 atm
And i believe firmly that Mozillas partnership
with go0gle was a BIG mistake; as i said years ago
“once go0gle gets their own browser theres no need
for them to ^support^ Mozilla; then theyre rivals
and google, just like any corporate cmpany,
isnt known for their benevalance in these
matters”, and more and more (unaware)
people switches from Firefox to Chrome,
soon Firefox will be like Opera,
a small (10 pcg) share of the browsermarket
with a fanatical fanbase thats both rigid
and narrowminded (just like the Opera people are,
Opera will never be bigger than what it is now,
it will only become smaller and smaller;
theyve taken opera the WRONG way imho)
and soon, sadly, there will be two main browsers –
Idiots Exploiter (Internet explorer)
and go0gle chrome, just wait and see


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