as usual, go0gle sucks (so whats new there then?)

Been using the Iron version of
go0gles immensly overrated chr0me browser,
Iron is identical MINUS all the JUNK and CRAP
and other snoopingwarez that go0gle fills
their chr0me with, however im not gonna be
using ANY browser made by go0gle,
reason is they cant block popups (!)
In these days and ages one would imagine,
as well expect, a browser could be able
to block popups, go0gle programmers evidently cannot,
in Firefox i havent seen a popup in like 5 years,
with Iron it took a whole 30 secs before
i got one, a cpl of mins later i got another,
no matter how i configure this retarded crap browser
i get popus, thats soo NOt acceptable;
what is this, like 1995? HOW can programmers NOT
master a simple popup function????
geeez ty Obergo0glefuhrer Schmidt, you suck balls,
as usual


6 Comments on “as usual, go0gle sucks (so whats new there then?)”

  1. brnjovanovic says:

    Honestly, this is the first instance where I hear about another web browser out there, Iron (or whatever it’s really called).
    All I can say is that I’m STILL happy with how Firefox works wonders. šŸ™‚

  2. rotti001 says:

    dont mention it =) BTW more and more ppl are getting annoyed with the youtube forcing the user to accept go0gle cookies (a la thirdparty/lame xxxsite behaviour), ppl need to get educated in what go0gle REALLY is (or more what it NOT is – your friend)

    • brnjovanovic says:

      They (YT) have implemented a Divx Player as an option for video playback, aside of the regular flash player.
      BUT, I’m not gonna be using it (even tho I have nothing against Divx itself).

  3. rotti001 says:

    Once WebGL has overcome the n00b/infant state ill dl FF4 (or whatever nr FF will have by then)

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