the sad affair of the PC game Far Cry and the immensly crappy patches

Been playing an old fav game of
mine ie Far Cry (from 2004), i install it
every second year or so and try out the new
maps and such stuff, however i keep forgetting
how worthless the patches are; patches are,
in case youre called Roger and living with
Stan and Francine Smith, updates that game manufacturees releases for their games
to make up for bugs and security issues etc
which they dint know about when releasing their
game, the idea is simply to make the game
more stable and less crashfriendly et al,
however in the history of patches
theres some patches that actually make the
game in question either worse or have no
effect at all; the Unreal patch (there sonly one released by Epic Games afaik) is a good (bad?)
example of highly dubious craftsmanship;
i used to play Unreal a lot in the past
(hi Bolke if you read this hehe ^^)
and i do know how often it crashed
and burned with that sucky patch,
Epic Games is the company of course that
got sued for their Unreal engine cuss
it dint live up to its promises made by
Epic; no idea who won that lawsuit,
and another example of poor craftsmanship is
Far Cry, its amazing, dont these people
(in this case its 3 immensly overrated
turk brothers, Yerli, Curly and Moerly or whatever)
utilize BETA TESTERS for their patches????
The patch 1.32 is legendary; easily the worst
patch for any game ever (at least that i have
experience of), they actually had to
recall it (!), THATS how worthless it is,
they couldnt simply release another patch
to fix the crapdom of 1.32, thats how
immensly worthless it was,
lets see, how many patches are there for
Far Cry hmm, 1.31, 1.32 (recalled cuss of
n00b proggin skills or lack of), 1.33,
1.4 and 1.5 (created by actual players
to make up for all the flaws from the
older patches) and theres even a 1.6
patch (!) in the making …
Doom 3, released same year,
has how many patches? 1.3 and 1.31,
but if youre NOT on Vista (and only true noobs
are haha) or Win7 you dont need the 1.31,
then you can play on 1.3 only (altho many modmakers
makes the mods for 1.31, but its not too difficult
to enable them to be played under 1.3,
dont get me wrong, i do lovr Far Cry the
GAME, but their patch history is a truly
sad affair, and the CryEngine is another sad
affair; sure it LOOKS good as hell with the
hawaii jungles, but i never played a more nervous
and anxious game engine before, with the possible
exception for the russian Xray engine,
loves to crash and revert to desktop every now
and then, and i dont know of a more
illogic engine, lets say i make some
small changes in a script file soemwhere,
the game wont accept it and crashes,
then i give up and dont play for a while
then startup Far Cry without removing
that script change or whatever that made
the game crash BUT this time it doesnt crash,
that never ever happens in the superb Doom 3 engine
(iDTech4), to me the Doom 3 engine is
WAY superior to the Cryengine, i find the latter
to be very overrated, so is the Source engine
that fuels Halflife 2, not as nervous and anxious
in its feel as the Cryengine but yet
im no fan of that one, its laggier than it should
be and mainly feels unoptimized,
but try to tell all those people that claims
“Halflife 2 is the bestest game ever!!!” (yup ive
read that sentence in forums, and several times


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