go0gle = stalinism and other stuff

watching all the Police Academy films
atm, sure theyre not exactly cineastic
masterpieces, pretty far from it
(only in a universe where Cabaret is a better
film than Godfather could THAT be)
but nevertheless i watch them,
i love Commandant Lassard, exactly like
Lloyd Bridges character in Hot Shots
he just walks around seemingly not knowing
anything whats going on, but still smiling
and, seemingly, in charge of everything,
totally love those types πŸ˜€
The second character persona i love is the one
that loves himself immensly but yet
is kinda stupid and dumb, good examples
are Jefferson Darcy of Married With Children
and Newman from Seinfeld,
Seinfeld also had one of the best ever sidekicks
or sidepeople or whatever in form of
Frank Costanza, totally brilliant :p
(geekfact – i used the alias of Frank Costanza
for awhile when i was playing Counterstrike
almost 10 years ago hehe ^^)
Speaking of films, earlier today i saw
Total masterpiece (provided one is interested
in the Roman Empire; if youre not, sod off,
dont come here, youre not worthy of reading
my blog you pleb)

Currently reading —
Isaac Deutscher’s
The Prophet

about Lev Trotskij,the bright light of the
russian revolution and outmaneouvred by the
evil Stalin and his spineless sycopants like
Molotov, Kaganovitj, Ordzhonikidze,
Jenukidze ((pederast) and the biggest
moron of them all in Stalins court,
Vorosjilov; they managed to pervert the
true meaning and will of the revolution of 1917
by defeating not only Trotskij, but others
like Kamenev, Zinovjev and Bucharin;
its a bit “funny” that if one goes to wikipedia
(go0glesite) and searches for these names,
mostly halftruths and outright lies a la
official Soviet annals is in there;
could it be that the 2 russians that
founded go0gle are stalinists??
Given that go0gle is all about supervision,
surveillance, snooping, collecting personal data
and analysing the entire internet and all
of its users, its not really farfetched at all
to suspect the
g o 0 g l e f o u n d e r s
a r e
s t a l i n i s t s

hmmm go0gleinism then ?


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