armstrong, berlusconi and other tossers plus DM

WHEN will Lance Armstrong admit to
the obvious FACT hes a dopedup cheater?
Hamilton is SO right; i believe him any
day over Armstrong
Berlusconi, the italian bluff and sham politican
met quite a drawback the other day with the
italians voting on 4 topics,
94 percent voted a NO on reintroducing
nuclear power, and a whopping 95 percent
voted a NO on the topic of politicans
having immunity so they cant get prosecuted
against any crimes they do;
and Berlusconi himself was out campaigning,
he wasnt campaigning on the NO or YES side,
no what he was campagining was that
“boycott these general elections!” lmao,
we all know politicans are scumbags and
cheating liars, but apparently italian politicians
are something extra … ^^

Been listening to the new Depeche Mode
3 cd compilation entitled
“Remixes 2 – 81-11”,
and the mixes are virtually all completely
worthless; exchange Dave with “lady” gaga
and you get the general idea,
this sucks so badly, esp cd1,
the only lights are Al’s mix of In Chains,
that one is fairly nice, and some of the older
remixes thats NOT reremixed here are ok;
World in my eyes (dub in my eyes) is ok,
and Simenon/Saunders mix of Strangelove
is also ok, but thats pretty much all,
I feel you (helmet in the helm mix) has a sample
from the game Halflife lol, the alarm siren ^^
I kinda knew beforehand this compilation
would suck tho, reremixes tends to ALWAYS
stink to high heaven, WHY “update” a good song
to a contemporary sound? HOW often has that
been a good idea then ?
And oh yeah btw, their only good song
they made the past 5-6 years ie Ghost,
yup they managed to mutilate it with an
incredibly lame remix, totally murdering
anything good with it :/

It will be interesting to hear the results
by Mart and Vince reuniting for the first time in the
studio since around Sept 1981, altho i dont have
any high hopes, at the absolute worst case
scenario it will sound like Erasure with
Mart doing vocals instead of ummm
whatever his name is that usually
does the singing in Erasure ..

In the words of Commandant Eric Lassard –
Many many many oldtime Depeche fans
will think this compilation is so very very
very worthless

Speaking of worthless, “lady” gaga
spoke out against homophobia and how
“she” hates countries like Russia and
Poland, yeah well, no wonder a transsexual
hates those countries that has a less than
uberloving policy against homos …


One Comment on “armstrong, berlusconi and other tossers plus DM”

  1. brnjovanovic says:

    Include the Serbian currently ruling politicians in the ‘extra’ section. They are liars, thieves, crooks, thieves again(!), faggots, assholes, butty boys, ass wide-open for EU suck ups, thieves (once again…), EU/NATO puppets… I could go on all damn day. šŸ˜›

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