Hannes Westberg = fucktard + GO CANUCKS!

How i loathe this retard called
Hannes Westberg; sitting and yapping on
the telly about “ooo i got shot by the cops!”
and yadayada, well, what goes around has a tendency
of coming around; maybe you shouldnt have been
the most vocal organizer amongst your 300+
anarchist violent group and maybe you shouldnt
have thrown those streetstones against the police huh?
WHAt did you expect would happen then?
What a fucking idiot, i have such an urge to go to
Gothenburg just to look him up
“Boohoo pity me i got shot in the lower side of my
tummy!” Wanker

I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope Vancouver Canucks
and the Sedin twins will KICK THE ASSSS
off the hated boston bruins/cam neelys
buttsurfer bois tonight 😀
G O C A N U C K S !!


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