go0gle are so uberlame and predictable

Now apparently one MUST have a gmale oo0oops
i mean gmail account to log in to
youtube, and to create an account on
the aforementioned craptoob one MUST
give go0gle a working phonenumber as to
verify … wtf and people do ACCEPT
this stalinistic behaviour??!? Seriously??
How dumb are people ?
Whats next, one MUST have at least 10 go0gle apps
on ones computer to run their own go0gle OS
thats in the works? One MUST have go0glemaps installed
and accept every site asking about “sharing the
This nonsense must stop or the whole internet
is totally OWNED by g00gle only ….
Its amazing the average internet user cant
see this, they usually respond with something
like “well, gmail is free, so is youtube” etc
LMAO well, its free in the sense it dont
cost you anything monetary yes, but if everything
is owned by go0gle then the user in the end has
NO choice but to use go0gle, isnt that
like 100000 times worse than having to pay maybe 2 bucks then? To me it sure is;
monopoly is NOT a good thing when it comes
to the internet; one would imagine things like
m$ win98, m$ win 3.11, m$ me, m$ vista etc etc
m$ products should prove that monopoly isnt
a good thing; its totally amazing that americans,
who usually shouts the loudest about FREEDOM
have no iusse in accepting the go0gle-youtube
blatantly breach of freedom behaviour when ones
FORCED to be logged in to ones go0gle account
And soon im guessing that to be able
to install the upcoming m$ os
one MUST have a facebook account….
WHERE will it end ?







BTW WHO in their right mind would even
consider using the go0gle DNS ????
Is it possible the average user is THAT
ignorant and unaware?



One Comment on “go0gle are so uberlame and predictable”

  1. brnjovanovic says:

    G00gle account for neubtub, YES (meh). but a working phone number is just OPTIONAL.
    And yes, having to use gn00gel account while fucking around with lubetube is more than annoying, but I can’t afford to waste my mental and spiritual energy on their entirely WORTHLESS crap (don’t wanna sound ignorant here tho).

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