cryengine sucks

only true uberubergeeks without any form of
LIFE and MEANING in it could handle this
nervous wreck of an engine; do a scroogle
search for pics of those 5 brothers that
made this engine and youll know what
i mean – gEEkdom Central Main Street lol

If youre using FF you no doubt have a cpl
of addons, but avoid having too many cuss itll
slow you down, and a typical unneeded addon is this –
“Clear history button”, not that clearing history
is bad cuss it isnt, but a whole addon for this??
My tip is to use the PREFBAR —
MUCH more versatile and a MUSTHAVE imho,
something like this should def be in FF
by default, and having this addon removes
the need for at least 6-7 addons for specific
smaller issues thats easily doable in PREFBAR

NP –
well, as im a peculiar kinda chap,
i play music from games haha :p
currently its the score from
Project IGI 2, unlike many games its not just
like 30 secs of weird noises, its real music
Kim M Jensen
Such cool game IGI series was, esp the first one,
from 1999, it was the first pc game i really
played back to back, much more than stuff like
halflife or quake, theres something extra
intriguing in those sneaker fps games,
the challenge of remaining undetected as long
as its possible (but i really hate it when the
makers FORCES one to be undetected; if the alarm goes
off the mission is over, thats no fun)
and taking its time roaming the map in q
slowly and sneakily, which is quite realistical;
you seldom see special forces operatives a la
sas and seal teams storming a
facility on their own cuss thats suicide,
war isnt like rambo, where one guy takes down
whole regiments of enemies haha,
thats just dumb and so is rambo,
nah gimme “sneakering” a la Davy Jones from
the IGI series :p
THIS is a pretty good review of the first
IGI game and pretty much sums up my feeling
towards it as well,
ive seen this game in those uberbudget cases
for like uberretarded prices like 1 pound fifty
and the like, and given it runs on ANY
puter today, even the budgetbudget semilowprice
uberbudget ones, its a fair cop, GET IT!
hehe i can still rem when Chucken and I
were stomped at ummm forgot the name of the
map, its the one after (i believe) “Get Priboi”
with the chopper extraction on the roof,
took weeks or something to pass it thru without
dying or failing hahaha, altho i, or we, didnt play
it every day, actually i played it on my own;
he just happened to be around that day
when i played it and got stumped on the map 🙂
But i did play it all way without any cheats
at all, i know noone believes it but i did =)


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