haha yet again this site fucks me over badly

this is fucking bullshit,
i was checking my text for typos
reason when i marked a word to correct
it, this retarded site SWITCHED
to the COMMENTS page …
what int he name of all thats
fucking putred WHAT HAVE THEY DONE
I had copied the beginning of my
lengthy piece, and it was the most lengthy one
EVER; now its gone forever thanks to the RETARDS
that scripted this HORSESHIT gay worthless shit site
that sucks all balls in history of

In the early morning of June 22
1941 the go-code was sent;
over 3 million Wehrmacht soldiers
began the assault on Stalin-controlled
Soviet Union, despite German Foreignminister
von Ribbemtrop stunning the entire
world by travelling to Russia two years prior
to this attack, signing a Non-aggression pact
with his Soviet counterpart of Vjateslava
Molotov (realname Aleksandr Skrjabin;
no relations to the composer; like all the
russian revoluitoneers he took an alias that
followed him until he died in 1986, Molotov
means Hammer, Stalin means Man of steel)
and thereby securing a peace, which lived
to be quite short; less than 2 years,
Operation Barbarossa was the biggest
assault ever when it comes to the sheer
numbers of people as well as tanks and
planes involved, i dont have the exact
numbers in my head atm but something along
the lines of 4.5 million German soldiers plus
other Axis powers soldiers
marched upon Soviet soil on this
early morning exactly 80 years ago,
which, in many parts, wasnt such an idiotic
idea it may appear to be today, with all the
facts laid out; despite Germany having
less soldiers than Soviet the German
“Landser”, aka soldier, was well equipped,
well trained and for the most part,
well motivated, Germany had defeated
half of Europe by summer of 1941
and was aware of its strength and possibilities,
whereas the CCCP soldiers was quite poorly
trained, poorly equipped and above all,
poorly motivated; the conditions in their
army was (and still is) below any standards,
they were expected to only follow orders
blindly by the officers, who in turn were
very controlled by the political officers
aka the commissars, and most of the higher
officers in the Soviet army was executed
in Stalins purges of 1937, leaving them
with a very poor generalstaff (the russians
didnt evne have s military staff prior
to this attack, Stalin swiftly put together
one, Stavka, soon afterwards, after
he was absent for days, covering and crying
hysterically in his datja, Kuntsevo (and no,
kunt here WAS the name of that datja, and nothing
else in THAT meaning of the term)

and this is most lilely THE last thing i
EVER publish on wordpress site,
i refuse to take this HORSESHIT


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