wordpress and its 157 cookies + ugly far cry skies

the first thing i always do when i go to a site
i allow cookies is to weed out all those unneeded,
superfluos and unwanted cookies; this wordpress
is, most def, not an exception, after i logged in
i have 9 cookies, 5 can (and forever will be)
weeded out as soon as ive logged in;
those are cookeis that serve NO purpose whatsoever
and thus will always get weeded out, until i can figure
out a way to block sitespecific cookies by name
(afaik its pretty much impossible to do)
cookies i dont need (nor want) are the two
cookies that app deals with “plugins”, since
theres no such thing as “plugin” around here,
not that i could ever find anyhow, theyre not
needed; removing them has no impact on my
logged-in status and thus theyre superfluos,
theres another main one called “hiab”, no idea
what that is but removing it has no
bearing on my logged-in status,
neither has the one called “test cookie”,
yeah well why dont you go test THIS instead haha ^^
This site is immensly slowloading; its the most
slowloading site of all i frequently visits,
i can understand partly why its so darn slow,
tons of scripts and xml requests (the ones going
to anything go0gle owned or retarded fukFacebook
is, of course, blocked) going back forth everywhere,
nothing really out of teh ordinary meh thinks,
but still its such a hassle messing about
with it, but still its the only bloghost
im using; go0gleowned blogspot sucks bigtime
and will never be an option, so despite
wordpress being slow, i do really like it and dont
plan on switching to anything else for the foreseeable
future 🙂

I do plan on switching skyboxes for Far cry,
so far when i attempt to use a custom one
it looks… well, one can see where one skybox
ends and the new one takes over, dunno if thats
how the maker of the custom skyboxes made it,
anyhow it looks awful (altho the actual skybox
in itself is real nice, i f i could upload
a pic that would actually be shown WITH THIS POST
id do it) but i wont give up just yet,
im not like Newman who gives up immediately ^^

o btw, to the makers of far cry (those 12
geeky brothers from like Iran or similar),
a SKY in plural is NOT called
SKYS, its actually called SKIES …

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